Our Mission Statement
By being dynamic and seeking innovation, Amcor will globally offer cost effective, differentiated products for environmental purposes that have high quality and added value to customers.

Our Vision
To create an environment for people to develop innovative ideas that will make us a leading integrator producing quality living environments for people.

For over 60 years,
Amcor has specialised in indoor environmental control

To Amcor, quality and the highest technical standards are paramount. As a worldwide manufacturer and distributor, all Amcor products are made for the task and territory targeted.

Amcor is clearly able to provide a comprehensive range of products to customers offering the best solutions for today’s modern living environment.

To satisfy continually changing customer needs, Amcor uses the best resources in providing Global as well as Local service solutions.

All of its manufacturing plants are regularly vetted for production and quality standards, while endeavouring to minimise the harmful effects of its activities on the environment.

Our comprehensive range of products can be customised specifically to OEM requirements. Whether through design enhancement or simply tailoring the design to an established brand format, Amcor has extensive experience in this process.

Amcor standards are others’ extras

  • The most comprehensive range of air treatment products offered anywhere in the industry
  • The most technologically advanced appliances featuring ultra modern, up- to-date designs which are continuously in development
  • Amcor products are designed and manufactured to the most stringent international quality and safety standards
  • All Amcor products are available in a broad choice of colours, finish controls and accessories, all aimed to customise and differentiate the appliances
  • Appliances are packed in eye catching full colour boxes which clearly describe the products and contain easy-to-understand instruction manuals
  • Environmentally friendly products produced for satisfied customers
  • Amcor appliances are world class products which are sold around the globe


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